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Middle School Fashion


"Get Ur Hair Did"
All About The Sexy
Ms. Britt
The Break Down
Dont Do This
the story behind the shoes
celebrities with good fashion
Celebrities With Bad Fashion
Poems of a starr*****

 No pink does not match with yellow

Imma set it up nice and simple
  • Green and yellow dont match
  • Pink and blue  dont match
  • Brown and grey dont match
  • Pink and grey dont match
  • Red and pink dont match
  • Red and grey dont match
  • Brown and purple dont match
  • And last  PURPLE AND YELLOW DONT MATCH. unless your wearin a Lakers jersey dont wear these colors

   What matches
  • Blue and white does match
  • Black and yellow does match (SOMETIMES)
  • Anything goes with black
  • Anything goes with blue jeans
  • Anything goes with khaki