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Middle School Fashion


"Get Ur Hair Did"
All About The Sexy
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The Break Down
Dont Do This
the story behind the shoes
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Celebrities With Bad Fashion
Poems of a starr*****
the story behind the shoes

               When i was a little girl there was an incident which changed my life forever. My Auntie Tiffany and cousin Kathy(who love the site)were heading to a large and overpopulated  party. In a couple of hours they were both dressed and ready to depart..... There was one problem.........THEY LOOKED LIKE THE VILLAGE PEOPLE! Being the highly fashionable one in my family icorrected they're "fashion dont's". Tiffany was now out of her humongus granny panties and into a sleek new thong. Kathy was out of that blinding lime green catsuit and into a  form-fitting  red dress.This was the day that opened my eyes to bad fashion all around the world.
    just kidding!
   The truth is Tiffany and Kathryn have been two of the most influental women in my life.They single handedly taught me all i need to know about fashion(along with Joan Rivers). They always match and look great.i would also like to thank my mommy for blessing me with life.
Thank you mommy for giving me life
Thank you Tiffy and Kathy for changing my life.