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Middle School Fashion


"Get Ur Hair Did"
All About The Sexy
Ms. Britt
The Break Down
Dont Do This
the story behind the shoes
celebrities with good fashion
Celebrities With Bad Fashion
Poems of a starr*****
Celebrities With Bad Fashion

©Steve Granitz/


Goldie hawn- This would be good if she was hiding at the Central Park Zoo but instead, she decided to wear this orange, lepord spotted coat to the Miracle Premiere. I will be waiting until an animal rights activist runs up to goldie and splashes red paint on her coat. I' ll give you a gift certificate to Sax Fifth Avenue and a friend who will tell you what not to wear in public.


©Jim Spellman/
Photo 2 of 20 ©Jim Spellman/
Diane Keaton- Im totally speechless. you would have thought her personal stylist would have actually told Diane KILL HERSELF! I'll fire your stylist because it looks like you picked this out yourself.

©Jeff Vespa/


Patricia Clarkson- Dear Patricia,

You need to know when its too old to wear strapless clothes . I think you may need more botox before you wear that again.I'll give you a trip to the dermatologist. FOR FREE!

©Steve Granitz/
Photo 14 of 20 ©Steve Granitz/

 Renee Zellweger-Fabolous job in cold mountain. you have extraordinary talent. I'd just like to say "boobies must always stay in dress". If you repeat this catch phrase before going to the Oscars you might be BETTER DRESSED!


©Gregg DeGuire/

Djimon Hounsou- GOOD CHOICE for your suit. Colorful dress shirts promote power. however you next time loose the shades and tie.i'll give you a box od jet blakc rogaine for your beard and a lifetime supply of chapstick.Compliments of Britt!


©Associated Press

gwen stefani- gwen has sucessfully announced her carrer change. She decided to become "the lost member of the CONE HEADS"meets a space princess. congratulations on you move. The occupation really fits you! i'll give you a coneheads video tape and a free trip to space!


©Gregg DeGuire/


Joanie Laurer- hooorayyy!! i think the bearded lady has come back to the circus. let's all take a pull and see if it  will fall off! ms. Joanie, i'll give you a personalized bag os disposable shavers. compliments of gillette!


©Theo Margo/
Photo 8 of 12 ©Theo Margo/

 Maggie Gyllenhaal- Lord please have pitty on this poor soul. She has been waiting on that job at  Shell for a long time.Please bless her with designer fashions.


©Amy Graves/


Sharon Stone- sharon definately belong in a tree.she must have asked "how many lick does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?". Poor Mr. Owl must have attcked her and got caught on the lollipop stuck to her shirt. I'll give sharon

her own "hunting in the wild" telivision show.


©Steve Granitz/

Laurence Fishburne-Sorry but you need all the help you can get.  a whole new wardrobe is what i'll give to you.MERRY CHRISTMAS!


©Steve Granitz/
 Michelle Rodriguez- It must have not been this cold to wear millions and millions of layers. the straight jacket meets fur has not been attempted by any star EVER! we all now know why. i'll give you crest white strips and new designer.


©Gregg DeGuire/
Photo 13 of 16 ©Gregg DeGuire/

Cindy Margolis-please dont try to imatate mariah carey. if it doesnt look good on her it wont on you! i'll give you a whole  new sense of indivdual style.  


Photo 15 of 18

Doris Roberts- you look extremely bad in you black sequined style grandma suit. i'll give you a trip to the dentist where he can teach you how to use toothpaste.



©Jean-Paul Aussanard/
Photo 8 of 12 ©Jean-Paul Aussanard/

Winona Ryder- Winona looks bald and country  in this picture. i'll give you two ticketsto take you out of memphis and something to help you grow your hair back.