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Middle School Fashion


"Get Ur Hair Did"
All About The Sexy
Ms. Britt
The Break Down
Dont Do This
the story behind the shoes
celebrities with good fashion
Celebrities With Bad Fashion
Poems of a starr*****
All About The Sexy

                                         All About Ms.Britt

name: brittanee megan ashley s.
nicknames:britt,britty,britt-britt,ne-ne,lil one,or ms.britt or newly "brown skinn"
location: NewJersey
favorite actor:denzel washington
favorite actress: sanaa lathan
favorite food: buffalo wings
likes:boys and fashion
hates: bean sprouts and ignorant people
best friends: yasmin and lacoriya
favorite video game: Yoshi's Island
nationality- jamaican, favorite singer- beyonce, favorite rapper-biggie, current boyfriend-my boo, fake familia daughter- tanya, nieces- nelly and diana, mother- icky iris, sister- lacoriya, cousin- yasmin(iloveugurlie), husband-raul(my boo), favorite color- white, birthday-august 19,1990, favorite cartoon- spongebob, 2nd husband-patrick(he's soo sexy), ill update in awhile

If  you wanna know anything else e-mail me.