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Middle School Fashion


"Get Ur Hair Did"
All About The Sexy
Ms. Britt
The Break Down
Dont Do This
the story behind the shoes
celebrities with good fashion
Celebrities With Bad Fashion
Poems of a starr*****
The Break Down

Everybody needs a good sense of style. It will determine which group of freinds you'll hang out with ,"popularity", and most importantly BOYS!
People should also accept you because of who you are not how you dress ,so keep in mind fashion is not everything.ITS JUST A HUGE PART!!!!!!!! 

Todays Style
  • Uggs -Very fashionable for winter.Though ladies if you wanna wear them with skirts they will not make your legs warm! I suggest tucking the bottom of you jeans into the boot. Your legs will be warm and  you will look great.


  • Timberland boots -"Tims" are always a good choice for cold can wear them with anything. Pants or Skirts!make sure you get the waterproof "tim's" . Without it cleaning will be HELL! I suggest wiping them down with a washcloth after you wear them.


  • Jumpers - Jumpers should left in in the 1990's. They are not in style . Dont wear them!!! It may have looked cute when you were younger but its not cool now. 


  • Air forces - These shoes will last forever. They match with anything and everything.


  • Pink- The new craze is boy's wearing pink.At first i thought it was totally GAY! But now its soo cute. This fashion was brought on by Camron and the dipset. This style tells everyone that you dont care what people say, you can wear pink and not be gay.My only advice is not to overdo it. pink shirt....even pink timberlands is ok. just dont have pink braclets to match. You smell me! good!!!!


  • Ties-  Over the years ties have gone a long way from your fathers wardrobe.Young men and women are wearing ties and lookin very sleek and sophisticated. They can be worn as a cute belt, with a white tank as avril does,or worn with a dress shirt for the mature look.


  • Braids,Cornrows,Twisties etc...- It was started in Africa and started a revoloution. All races,colors,and sexes have gotten into  this trend. I dont suggest it if your TENDERHEADED! On the other hand if you dont know what tenderheaded means DONT GET BRAIDS!