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Poems of a starr*****
Poems of a starr*****

The poems of me and all you genius' out there.

The Blind Love
by :yours truly-britt
I had a love who wasnt there
I had a love who wasnt there
I had a love who never cared
He really really didnt care
And every day love would pass by
But in my heart my love did die
Cause in my eyes he passed me by
Cause in my eyes he never tried
Now love is now harrassing me
With lovve dance and what it be
Love was love ohh soo pretty
Love wanted me ohh so pretty
But love was blind and could not see
What love really was to me
But love was just soo plain to see 
I wasnt looking for love
I was looking for me
Waiting For You
by :your truly-ms.britt
The baby fell in the water
But the mother didnt believe
That the baby was still alive
But the baby did deceive
She rushed to the river
Baby leaped from the bridge
And waded to the baby
To see if baby lived
The baby was waiting for come to come through
When mommy got the baby
It said"i was waiting for you"
She got the baby out the waterto see if it was harmed
And when she checked the baby it wasnt at all armed
As the baby started to grow
Momma started to die
Pride sweet pridde kept momma alive
When momma passed away baby wasnt there
And baby passed her finger through momma's hair
What she found was a letter
Momma she did hide
Through her blindness
Baby did see"I will be in your heart, if you wait for me"

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